Matte Black Elegance Meets LS3 Power: The Enchanting Custom Chevy

In this captivating automotive journey, we delve into the world of Matt’s custom Chevy, affectionately titled “Matt Black Unicorn.” From its humble origins to its LS-powered transformation, we’ll explore the allure of this sleek and sinister Bel Air, crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a perfect juxtaposition of nostalgia and modern flair.

Unveiling the Enigma

Matt’s journey with the Matt Black Unicorn began when he discovered this beauty in Pleasanton, California. Opting for a four-door model, he decided to preserve the family tradition of driving spacious vehicles while giving it a captivating makeover.

The Allure of the LS3 Powerhouse

Under the hood lies the heart of the beast, an LS3 engine delivering a roaring 525 horsepower. Sourced straight from the crate, this powerhouse provides the perfect balance between modern performance and classic charm.

Suspension, Agility, and Comfort

To complement the LS3 might, the Matt Black Unicorn features Air I Technologies suspension. The fully adjustable system allows it to sit low when parked and rise to ride height on the go. Coupled with CPP brakes and master cylinder upgrades, Matt achieves a smooth ride and efficient stopping power.

Designing Distinction: Exterior and Interior

The stunning matte black body with glossy trim pieces sets the Matt Black Unicorn apart from the crowd. The carefully shaved handles and absent rearview mirrors add to the clean and streamlined appearance, while the iconic Chevy bowtie on the wheels keeps a touch of the car’s roots.

Inside, the leather and alcantara mix infuse an air of luxury while maintaining a connection to the past with preserved stock elements like wiper knobs and floor-mounted high beams. The inclusion of paddle shifters adds a touch of modern convenience, tailored for Matt’s vision of a road rally-ready cruiser.

The Magnificent Road Presence

With its Race Line billet edition wheels and Borla exhaust, the Matt Black Unicorn commands attention wherever it goes. The rumble of the engine and the sleekness of its design make it a head-turner in any crowd.

A Cruising Adventure

Hitting the open road with the Matt Black Unicorn is an experience like no other. Its smooth suspension and handling make it a joy to drive, while the thumping audio system elevates the overall experience.


Matt’s LS-powered Chevy Custom, the Matt Black Unicorn, represents a striking fusion of classic charm and modern performance. With its sinister appearance, powerful LS3 engine, and custom touches, it stands as a true automotive work of art.


What is the inspiration behind the Matt Black Unicorn’s design? Matt aimed to preserve the car’s nostalgic factors while incorporating a captivating color theme, creating a unique and striking appearance.

Why did Matt opt for a four-door model rather than a two-door? Matt’s family tradition involved driving four-door vehicles, making it a natural choice for him. Plus, the spaciousness and convenience of four doors suited his needs perfectly.

What engine powers the Matt Black Unicorn? The Matt Black Unicorn boasts an LS3 engine with a roaring 525 horsepower, sourced straight from the crate for top-notch performance.

Is the suspension fully adjustable in the Matt Black Unicorn? Yes, the Matt Black Unicorn features Air I Technologies suspension, which is entirely adjustable to suit different driving scenarios and preferences.

What modifications were made to the car’s exterior? The car underwent extensive exterior modifications, including shaving handles, removing rearview mirrors, and a stunning matte black body with glossy trim pieces.

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