Inside Jay Leno’s Collection: Get to Know the Iconic 1964 Dodge Polara

When it comes to iconic vehicles, the 1964 Dodge Polara holds a special place in the hearts of car enthusiasts. In this episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, we delve into the captivating story of the 1964 Dodge Polara and uncover the remarkable features that make it a true gem in automotive history.

The Legacy of the 1964 Dodge Polara

Before the era of the GTO and other legendary muscle cars, the 1964 Dodge Polara was already making waves. This stunning vehicle was equipped with a powerful 426 wedge engine, predating the famous Hemi engine. Its sleek design and extraordinary performance turned heads on both the race track and the streets. With its dominance on the road, the 1964 Dodge Polara proved that it was a force to be reckoned with.

Unveiling the Design

The 1964 Dodge Polara boasted a distinctive appearance that left a lasting impression. Its impressive size, bigger than the GTO and other mid-sized cars of its time, exuded an aura of power and presence. The classic styling, combined with the attention to detail, made the Polara a sight to behold. From the imposing wide tires to the period decals, every element of this car was designed to capture the essence of performance.

Performance and Power

Under the hood, the 1964 Dodge Polara housed the formidable 426 wedge engine. With an impressive horsepower output, this car packed a punch on the streets. It offered a thrilling driving experience, capable of going from zero to a hundred and stopping in a matter of seconds. The Polara’s acceleration and braking capabilities were truly remarkable, solidifying its status as a high-performance machine.

Personal Touches and Modifications

Jay Leno, the proud owner of this remarkable 1964 Dodge Polara, has added his personal touch to make it a truly unique vehicle. While preserving the original paint, Leno made some modifications to enhance its performance and drivability. Upgrades such as Wilwood disc brakes, electric cutouts, and stainless steel exhaust were incorporated to transform the Polara into a fun and reliable street car.

Reliving the Era

Owning the 1964 Dodge Polara is like taking a step back in time. This car captures the spirit of the ’60s, transporting us to an era when muscle cars reigned supreme. The Dodge Polara, with its powerful engine and captivating design, embodies the essence of automotive nostalgia. It’s a reminder of the golden age of American automobiles and the exhilaration they brought to the roads.


The 1964 Dodge Polara continues to captivate car enthusiasts with its timeless design and exceptional performance. Its place in automotive history is well-deserved, as it represents an era of power and innovation. Jay Leno’s Garage allows us to appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of this classic vehiclewhile also showcasing the personal touches and modifications that make it a one-of-a-kind treasure. The 1964 Dodge Polara remains an enduring symbol of the golden age of muscle cars, and its story will continue to inspire and excite generations of automotive enthusiasts.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is the 1964 Dodge Polara a rare car? Yes, the 1964 Dodge Polara is considered a rare car today. Its unique design, powerful engine, and historical significance contribute to its rarity and desirability among collectors.

2. How fast can the 1964 Dodge Polara go? The speed of the 1964 Dodge Polara depends on various factors, including engine modifications and driving conditions. However, this car was known for its impressive acceleration and top speed, making it a thrilling ride for enthusiasts.

3. How many 1964 Dodge Polaras are still in existence? While it’s challenging to determine the exact number, there are still a considerable number of 1964 Dodge Polaras in existence. Many have been preserved and restored by passionate collectors who appreciate their historical value.

4. Can the 1964 Dodge Polara be driven on regular roads? Yes, the 1964 Dodge Polara can be driven on regular roads. While it may lack some of the modern safety features we find in contemporary vehicles, it remains a roadworthy car when maintained properly.

5. What makes the 1964 Dodge Polara special? The 1964 Dodge Polara is special due to its unique design, powerful engine, and place in automotive history. It represents an era of innovation and performance, capturing the essence of the classic American muscle car.

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