Unleashing the Bad to the Bone Supercharged ’69 Pro Street Camaro

This car just screams ‘Murica at everybody, because there is only but a few stuff that is more American than a 1969 classic muscle car, with a huge blower on top of the engine and a snake eye scoop.

This Bad To The Bone Supercharged '69 Pro Street Camaro Will Blow Your Mind!  -

Now we know that not everybody likes that paint but we have to remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

And apparently the owner thinks that this paint is better than if it was painted candy apple red or black like many of them, maybe he just wanted to make it different from all of them.

Be that as it may, there is nothing bad that anybody can say about that huge blower sticking out of the hood with those snake eyes staring at you, scaring the living shit out of Prius drivers.

This Bad To The Bone Supercharged '69 Pro Street Camaro Will Blow Your Mind!  -

The best part about the video is that he even takes the cameramen for a ride and does a pull with him on board,giving us the pleasure of hearing this beast at full chant, awesome, check it out.

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