Spectacular Rescue of a 1970 Chevelle SS454 from a Collapsed Barn in Rural Ohio

The video we are about to show you comes to us from Rural Ohio and it kinda makes us a bit sad, because as you are about to see, there is a collapsed barn on top of this legendary 1970 Chevelle SS454, a vehicle that was considered to be the ultimate muscle car summit for quite a while after it hit the streets.

With power numbers that started at incredible 360 hp (remember these were the 70’s) and would climb up to the unbelievable 450 horsepower, this was the ultimate muscle car, a car that does not deserve a crumpled garage on top of it.

1970 Chevelle SS454 Rescued From A Collapsed Barn In Rural Ohio

But don’t worry help is on the way as these guys are about to free this pony car from the claws of destruction and help it get to its former glory prowling the streets looking for some action.

We will be waiting for the “after” video where we can hopefully bring you the same vehicle again but in much better shape.

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