Lonely Trucker Adopts Street Cat, Anoints Him Co-Pilot And Closest Confidant

Truck drivers work long hours, which can be quite isolating. They often sleep on the road– going days, weeks, or even months without seeing their families. For Paul Robertson, solitude was his constant companion.

Paul eventually adopted a cat named Howie, who wasn’t just his best friend; he was also his co-pilot! When Howie passed away, Paul was devastated. His death left a gaping hole. The idea of going back to the lonely road worsened the blow. Thankfully, another purrfect friend entered Paul’s life.

When Paul entered a shelter after Howie’s passing, he knew instantly that an Orange Tabby named Percy was meant to be with him. Paul asked the shelter workers about Percy’s past. The ginger cat hadn’t had an easy life. He struggled while living on the streets. He was missing a tooth, his ear was torn, and he had scars all over his body.

Paul wanted nothing more than to give the cat all the love in the world! So, it became official. Paul adopted Percy and anointed the cat his official co-pilot and closest confidant. The man didn’t have to travel down the lonely road again. Now they are cruising through life together! Cats are everything!

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Feature Image Courtesy of BazPaws/YouTube

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