10 Cat Inspired Fall Fashions

Looking for new fall clothes with cattitude? These items are purrfect for this season’s wardrobe and we are pretty sure your cat will approve too.

#1 – Cat Ears Beanie

This adorable, handmade kitty beanie will keep your head warm. You can choose your color, so you can match your style or your cat. $25

Image Source: BySweetMom

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#2 – Meow’s the Time Heel

These adorable kitty pumps are perfect for fall dresses or pant suits. A subtle way to show your passion. $64.99

#3 – Dot Cat Sleep Set

Does your child need some warm pajamas? How about this cuddly set by the GAP? We just wish they came in adult sizes. $26.95

Image source: Gap.com

#4 – NW3 Rosie Cat Belt

This clean, simple design is the perfect finishing touch to your sweater dresses or over-sized shirt and jeans. We know your cat will approve. Approximately $50.

Image source: Hobb.co.uk

#5 – Knitted Cat Scarf

Another unique, hand-made item, these kitty scarves are soft and warm, perfect for cool fall evenings. Since its made-to-order, you can select your options. $79

Image source: TaniaSh

#6 – Pusheen So Lazy Shirt

Having a lazy day? This t-shirt is perfect for hanging around the house. Layer with a long-sleeve shirt and you are ready to go to the pumpkin patch. $21.98

Image source: Amazon.com

#7 – Mew-seum Visit Dress

Add a cute cardigan to this dress and its purrfect for the fall! Pair it with the belt shown earlier and you are already for a cozy fall date. $29.99

Image source: Modcloth.com

Image source: Modcloth.com

#8 – Chaser Women’s Flocked Cat Long Sleeved Tee

You can’t have the fall season without a black cat! This adorable long sleeved tee is perfect as a separate or for layering. $25


#9 – MOODY CATS Cat Sweater

This comfy sweater is great for snuggling up by the fire, or for a casual day at the office. Be warned, your cat might be mad that you are giving away his secret “tells.” $25

Image source: Etsy.com

#10 – Kitty Chic Handbag

This satchel-style cross-body bag is the finishing touch you need for any of the fashions we listed. It comes in a deep brown with gold accents – purrfect for fall. $89.95

Image source: Bradfordexchange.com

Image source: Bradfordexchange.com

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