The Remarkable 1979 Lincoln Continental with a 7.3 L Power Stroke V8

Shawn Maggiore has undertaken an extraordinary project that has set his 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V apart from the rest. With sheer dedication and passion, he has brought this classic beauty to life, powered by a magnificent 7.3 L Power Stroke V8 engine. Let’s delve into the awe-inspiring details of this exceptional creation.

A Diesel Marvel

The heart of this beastly Lincoln Continental is the 7.3 L Power Stroke V8, a renowned diesel motor celebrated for its robust performance. Under the hood, Shawn has optimized its capabilities with a range of modifications and enhancements, turning it into a true force to be reckoned with.

Enhancements and Upgrades

To elevate the power and efficiency of the 7.3 L Power Stroke V8, Shawn incorporated several notable upgrades. The engine boasts an Irate fuel system, delivering optimal fuel supply for enhanced performance. Additionally, Rosewood Diesel Shop 250/100 injectors have been installed to optimize fuel delivery.

Turbocharged Dominance

No performance build is complete without a powerful turbocharger, and this Lincoln Continental certainly doesn’t disappoint. Shawn equipped the engine with a BorgWarner 366SXE turbocharger, renowned for its exceptional performance and durability. This addition ensures a thrilling power surge, making every drive an exhilarating experience.

Tuned for Perfection

To fine-tune the engine’s performance and maximize its potential, Shawn entrusted JeliBuilt Performance in Moyock, North Carolina, with the task. Their expertise and precision tuning have ensured that this 1979 Lincoln Continental delivers the perfect balance of power and reliability.

Seamless Transmission

Shawn paired the mighty 7.3 L Power Stroke V8 with an E4OD four-speed automatic transmission sourced from a 1995 Ford F-350. This robust transmission, equipped with a Diesel Site billet converter and US Shift 4 transmission controller, ensures smooth and precise gear shifts, complementing the engine’s power effortlessly.

Custom Fabrication and Design

Transforming a classic car into a performance powerhouse often requires innovative solutions. Due to the size of the transmission, Shawn had to fabricate a custom tunnel to cover it seamlessly, blending it harmoniously into the car’s design. This meticulous attention to detail showcases the dedication poured into this remarkable build.

Uncompromising Performance

To channel the massive power generated by the 7.3 L Power Stroke V8, a shortened driveshaft has been installed, effectively transferring power to a formidable 9-inch rear end. This setup ensures optimal traction and stability, allowing the Lincoln Continental to unleash its full potential on the road.

Unparalleled Suspension

Riding on Slam Specialties 8-inch bags in the front and 5-inch bags in the back, this Lincoln Continental achieves an unmatched suspension system that provides both comfort and control. Whether cruising on city streets or tackling rough terrains, this car delivers an exceptional ride quality.

The Journey Continues

Shawn’s 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V is an ongoing project, constantly evolving and pushing boundaries. If you’re captivated by this extraordinary build and want to stay updated on its progress, make sure to follow @shawnsonite444 on social media. Join the journey and witness the transformation firsthand.


The 1979 Lincoln Continental with a 7.3 L Power Stroke V8 is a testament to the passion and dedication of Shawn Maggiore. With meticulous modifications and enhancements, this classic car has been transformed into a performance beast. Every aspect, from the engine upgrades to the custom fabrication, has been carefully executed to create an extraordinary driving experience. Stay tuned as Shawn’s project continues to inspire and push the boundaries of automotive excellence.

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