10 Liters of Pure Awesomeness: Get Ready to Be Blown Away by the 850 HP All Motor Chevelle

Hey, guys! What’s up? It’s “SHAWN AUTOTOPIA LA.” Today, I’m here with my friend Tony and his magnificent Chevelle. This car is an absolute beast, and we’re about to dive deep into its incredible features and performance. So buckle up and join us on this thrilling ride!

Unveiling the Monster Engine: 632 Cubic Inches of Power

First things first, let’s talk about the heart of this Chevelle. Tony didn’t settle for anything less than extraordinary. He equipped his car with a remarkable blueprint 632 cubic inch motor. Yes, you heard it right, a mind-boggling 632 cubic inches of pure power! When it comes to performance, bigger is always better. This monstrous engine churns out an astounding 850 horsepower! Can you believe it? This Chevelle is all motor, and it’s here to leave a lasting impression.

Emphasizing the Motor Compartment

The concept behind this Chevelle was to accentuate the motor compartment. Tony wanted it to be super clean, with the engine as the focal point. No messy wires or hoses here! Everything was rerouted to provide a clear view of the magnificent motor. When you gaze into this engine bay, you see raw power, perfectly encapsulated within the sleek and muscular body of the Chevelle.

Aesthetics: A Simple yet Striking Look

Despite its immense power, the Chevelle’s appearance remains true to its origins. Tony wanted to maintain the classic charm of the ’70s Chevelle, so he opted for a simple and clean aesthetic. He stayed away from the original orange motor, as he preferred a more understated look. The result? A Chevelle that stays true to its roots while exuding a bold and powerful presence. It’s a statement on wheels.

Retaining the Originality

Tony was committed to preserving the authenticity of the Chevelle. That’s why he chose to stick with torque thrust wheels. These wheels not only enhance the car’s originality but also contribute to improved traction and performance. To ensure better grip, Tony upgraded to 45-series tires in the rear. This change, coupled with lowered air pressure, allows him to fully experience the Chevelle’s tremendous power.

Performance Upgrades: More Than Just a Muscly Exterior

To complement the beast under the hood, Tony made several performance upgrades to his Chevelle. He equipped it with QA1 suspension components, ensuring optimal handling and control. The stock frame, surprisingly, remains intact, proving the car’s robustness. Tony didn’t feel the need for additional subframe connectors; the Chevelle handles the power flawlessly.

Stopping Power and Classic Charm

Wilwood brakes were Tony’s choice for the Chevelle. These high-performance brakes ensure quick and reliable stopping power, giving Tony peace of mind while driving this beast. The Chevelle’s interior also stays true to its roots. Other than a new instrument panel, everything remains stock. This decision adds to the authentic Chevelle experience that Tony wanted to preserve.

The Perfect Sound: Custom Exhaust System

Now, let’s talk about that amazing sound. Tony wanted his Chevelle to have a distinctive and unique exhaust note. For this, he turned to The Muffler Man in Placentia, California. They custom made the headers and mufflers specifically for Tony’s Chevelle. This bespoke exhaust system gives the car a sound that cannot be replicated. It’s a symphony of power that sets this Chevelle apart from the rest.

Experience the Thrill: Riding Shotgun in the All Motor Chevelle

Now that we’ve covered all the details, it’s time to experience the thrill firsthand. Riding in Tony’s Chevelle is an exhilarating experience like no other. The car accelerates with astonishing force, grabbing your attention with each gear shift. The exhaust note resonates deep within your soul, a testament to the incredible work done by The Muffler Man. Every moment spent in this Chevelle is a moment you’ll never forget.


Tony’s 850 HP All Motor Chevelle with its 632 cubic inch V8 engine is a true masterpiece of automotive engineering. From its awe-inspiring power to its classic aesthetic, this Chevelle represents the epitome of American muscle cars. It’s a combination of performance, style, and authenticity that leaves car enthusiasts in awe. Tony’s passion for this Chevelle shines through in every detail, making it a truly remarkable vehicle.

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