Restomod Enthusiasts Flock to Witness the Subtle yet Powerful Upgrade of a Chevy Nova with a BluePrint 350ci V8 Melody!

All day (and possibly all night) long, when thinking about the next classic car to own, there is a myriad of questions.

Should it still be as original as back on the first day it left the factory? Might it need a full restoration? Has anyone cared for it enough that it is a survivor, rather than a bucketload of junk?

And that is solely when you want that vintage car to be true to its original nature. After all, one of those feisty restomods will probably cost a fortune!

But what about something in between? A compromise, if you will, but perhaps it’s a good one. Seen here in silver (not its original color, which was a shade of green) is a 1971 Chevy Nova with few miles (31,353/50,458 km) on the odometer (for a car that is more than half a century old) and with a tendency to tread lightly over your wallet or bank account.

Tucked neatly in the inventory of Sherman, Texas-based PC Classic Cars, this example loves to act as an understatement – both inside and out. Just do not call it a sleeper, as the body looks way too nice for that, complete with black stripes and sparkling 15-inch Rally wheels with wide 225/60 tires.

The cockpit has a nice bench seat arrangement, plus a bunch of creature comforts, like the power steering, upgraded factory AC, and column shifter for the Turbo 350 three-speed auto transmission.

Of course, the true star attraction of this Nova is tucked underneath the long hood. That would be a shiny-like-new BluePrint Engines 350ci V8 crate engine with headers, dual exhaust, and Holley Flowmaster mufflers, among others. As for the asking price, that one is also sensible enough, standing in at exactly $39,500.

Not bad, right? Especially when people will be dazed and amazed at the sight of the subtle body cues, at the sound of those Flowmasters, and then drop jaws in astonishment when it disappears into the ‘sunset’ with the BluePrint V8 roaring…

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