The unyielding tenacity of the 1965 Mustang Fastback triumphed right after the hardest hit!

Restoring a classic car is a very rewarding thing, but the quality of the work depends on a long series of factors. One of the most important is the current condition of the project car, as nobody can do wonders.

The better the project, the better the restored car. This 1965 Mustang is here to prove everybody otherwise, as the vehicle comes in a super-rough condition and without the majority of parts.

Let’s start with the good news. The fastback hasn’t been registered as salvage despite being wrecked years ago. Very few details have been provided on this front, but the current condition of the pony is more than evident in the provided photos.

The car still has an engine, but I can’t tell if it’s running or not. Given the overall condition, you should just assume it does not.

Now it’s time for the bad news. There’s rust pretty much everywhere you look, and this isn’t necessarily a surprise, given the Ford Mustang has been sitting for many years. However, it’s very clear the car was parked under the clear sky, so the rust really took its toll on this pony.

Massive rust repairs are required, there’s no doubt about it, and some parts of the metal might require full replacements. Again, this isn’t by any means a surprise, as it’s pretty clear the Mustang has been forgotten outside.

As I told you, the car comes with an engine, but it’s nothing to be excited about. As a T-code Mustang, this 1965 mode came with a six-cylinder when it rolled off the assembly lines. A six-cylinder is still there, now paired with a C4 automatic transmission. As such, if you plan to use it as a donor, the engine is unlikely to be everybody’s cup of tea.

The interior is missing almost entirely, though the owner says some miscellaneous stuff is still available.

If, for some reason, you still want this Mustang after reading all of this, you’re a hero. And this is precisely what this fastback needs, as it’s pretty clear that restoring such a rough vehicle isn’t for the faint of heart.

On the other hand, what could be a really major roadblock for this Mustang’s comeback is the selling price. The vehicle can be yours for $5,500, and without a doubt, this is an extremely optimistic expectation for a Mustang in such a rough shape.

If you want to see it live, the Mustang is parked in Aragon, Georgia, and you can bet it won’t move anytime soon. Unless it finds a new home, that is, but we’ll find out if this happens in the next three days when the eBay listing published by seller hbmustangs expires.

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