Test Driving 1069 Plymouth Road Runner 383 4 BBL Four Speed

This 1969 Plymouth Road Runner is powered by a 383 cubic inch V8 and has a 4 speed manual transmission. It’s fitted with a Air Grabber Hood you can see the Wile E Coyote decal on the air cleaner lid – vents are opened with the level under the dash. The car looks amazing in Scorch Red with its white vinyl interior.

The first generation of Road Runner’s ran from 1968 to 1970. The 1969 model had slight styling changes over the 68. This included a change to the tail lights and a restyled grille. There are two 2 door variants available on the ’69 Road Runner.

This is a RH21 which is the 2-dr Coupe and has a “B” Pillar and the rear window doesn’t roll down. The 2-door hard top coupes (RH23) had a rear window that would fully wind down leaving the window space fully open from the vent right back to the front of the “C” post.

Check out that engine bay – amazingly clean!

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