Toddler Rescues A Kitten After Begging Mom For A Baby Of His Own

This story and the accompanying video are too sweet to miss! A delightful toddler named Bryson was born to be a cat lover. At such a young age, he already sensed that felines make wonderful companions. At only two years old, the boy begged his mom for a kitten of his own. His adorable smile and bright eyes were so irresistible that Mom gradually gave in after Bryson continued to plead with her. The following day, Mom put Bryson in his car seat, and they drove to the local shelter. The little boy was so excited!

Upon entering, Bryson and Mom noticed there were tons of kittens who needed homes. But it didn’t take long for Bryson to choose. A tiny cat reached his paws out to the boy through the slats of his kennel, as if the kitty knew exactly where he belonged: at home with Bryson! They made the adoption official and the kitten, now named Stark, became Bryson’s baby.

On the ride back to their house, Bryson held Stark to celebrate the start of their many adventures together. Once at home, the kitten and the little boy became inseparable. They crawled into Bryson’s fort and spent hours playing inside and reading books. They cooked together, ate together, and slept together.

Bryson and Stark’s bond is simply beautiful! Watch the video below to witness their relationship. But be forewarned—the sweetness may give you a toothache!

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