7 Seconds 555ci Twin Turbo ’56 Pro Street Bel Air Smokes Camaro Easy!

Check out this 555ci Twin Turbo Pro Street Bel Air that takes 7 seconds to complete! The Chevrolet Bel Air was a car that was supposed to take you somewhere when it first hit the streets in 1950, but it was never meant to do so in a hurry since this gorgeous automobile was all about style elegance and enjoying the ride.

It’s incredible to watch a car this size, weighing roughly 3,600 pounds, go that quickly, and that’s the complete story behind Glenn Hunter Jr.’s automobile.

Powered by a 555ci Twin Turbo engine, this beast clocked in at [email protected] during the Pro Street Power Adder Class race at Cordova Raceway on the fourth day of the 2015 Hot Rod Drag Week.

Check out the amazing action of this beautiful Bel Air as it smashes thru the 8 second mark and sets a blistering fast time in the video below:

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