1972 Chevelle SS 454 Flowmaster Super 44 Custom Dual System – Exhaust Sound

This beautiful ’72 Chevelle SS sounds as good as it looks! This exhaust is crafted by Kinney’s.

Here it is their description:

Our customer trusted us to hook him up with a system that would sound like a muscle car from the 70’s yet he still wanted to be able to drive the car without being punished inside.

The Flowmaster Super 44’s are an excellent choice for just that! We started fresh from the manifolds servicing all the hardware and gaskets to make everything new and tight.

The front exhaust pipes were skillfully crafted in 2.50 tubing all the way to the Flowmaster super 44’s. The tailpipes were fabricated of 2.25 tubing while the factory chevelle box tips were re-used.

The results of this fantastic system are to behold. An “H” pipe was fabricated and installed to provide structural integrity and tune the exhaust pulses while producing additional torque benefit.

Kinney’s can build you the perfect system out of stainless steel or 14 guage heavy duty aluminized tubing mandrel or smooth bend. Kinney’s requires your vehicle in house to provide our high level of fit and finish so contact us today to schedule your ride!

Enjoy this Video, and the Exhaust Sound !!!

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