Little Girl Thinks She’s Getting A New Kitty, But She Knows This Cat Very Well

Children thrive when they have a pet to keep them company. Their bond is unmistakable! Pets teach kids about responsibility and what it means to be loved unconditionally. As parents know, kids want animals in their lives, often asking for a pet as soon as they can speak. It’s no wonder so many parents choose to give in and adopt a companion for their family. In this heartwarming story, a little girl pleaded with her parents for a new cat. She used all her cuteness to show Mom and Dad that she would be a great big sister.

Mom and Dad had some inside information, but didn’t share it with their little girl just yet. Three years prior, their beloved cat named Cursor went missing. The devastation his absence caused was unsurmountable. The little girl asked her mom and dad where her kitty was every single day until the family eventually concluded that Cursor was gone forever. That is, until Mom’s phone rang three years later and she received news that nearly made her pass out.

A cat came into a nearby shelter and was scanned for a microchip. The kitty was, indeed, Cursor! The parents brought their child to the shelter and asked her what kind of cat she liked best. She described her dream cat, detailing Cursor’s coloring and charm. She wanted a cat just like him. Within minutes, a shelter volunteer came into the room with Cursor in her arms.

The little girl knew who it was instantly. Beaming, she said, “Cursor! I missed you so much!” She stretched out her arms and held her cat tight. Their reunion is pure joy! Check it out in the video below, and don’t forget to share this wonderful story with your friends and family.

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