Doggy Foster Mom Is Popular Spot For ‘Biscuit Making’ And Bakery’s Open 24/7

Being a tiny kitten can be overwhelming enough. Being a kitten without a mama is the hardest thing imaginable. When these fluffy little lives enter the world, they need their mom more than ever. From feeding to cleaning, moms do it all. Orphan kitties need intervention to survive.

That’s where foster moms like Asa come in. She lovingly takes in orphan kittens and gives them a real shot at life. From bottle-feeding to snuggles, Asa does it all! But thanks to her assistant, she doesn’t have to go it alone. We’re not talking about a human volunteer; we’re talking about her beloved pup, Kona!

Kona was rescued along with her puppies from the streets. Luckily all of them found loving homes, but Kona was returned to the rescue several times. She was unsettled and missed her puppies dearly. Then, she found the ‘pawfect’ home with Asa. Now the pup uses her motherly instincts to care for foster kittens.

The baby felines love to make biscuits on Kona and even fight to sleep with her! Their doggy foster mom watches them closely, cleans them up, and ensures they eat every last drop of food in their bowls.

The kittens have found a safe place with Asa and Kona as they transition into their forever homes. We are so grateful for foster parents like Asa, and dogs like Kona. Without them, so many lives would be at stake. To learn more and to see the grateful kitties in action, click play on the video below.

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