Craig The Cat Puts Safety First & Does Bus Duty For His Sis Every Morning

Craig the cat’s number one priority is the care of his family. The Leathermans have made his life the happiest one a rescue cat could ever ask for, so he takes his household duties very seriously. He keeps busy all day, giving love to every member of the house.

This dapper tuxedo lad takes great purride in looking out for his family. But of all his duties, there’s one that stands chief among them.

Every morning, Craig accompanies his 7-year-old human sister to the bus stop. From the house to the curb, he walks by her side, and together they wait for the kid wagon to roll up. Once he sees her safely onto the bus, Craig trots back to the porch, where mom Jessica waits for his return.

As Jessica shared in some of the cutest TikTok videos, Craig and his sis are besties, so it’s no wonder the intelligent cat took up bus duty all on his own!

Rain or Shine, Craig Is on Duty

Jessica says Craig spends 99 percent of his time indoors and his only forays outside come at bus duty time. And the weather doesn’t matter. Come rain or shine, Craig takes his sister out to meet the bus.

When it pulls up, all the kids cheer at the sight of the handsome tuxedo. He’s a bright spot for all the kids, and for his good work, Craig has become a “local legend.”

A hit on TikTok, Craig’s debut bus duty video has garnered more than 7 million views! Now, he’s taken over his mom’s account, and fans love every second of the Craig footage. In addition to all the likes and views, fans leave comment after comment for Craig, telling him he’s a good boy.

And one fan asked a truly pertinent question…does bus duty pay well? It turns out it does. Jessica revealed Craig’s pay to be “endless ‘good boys’ and treats and snuggles.”

The Story of Craig

When Jessica and her daughters were walking through a pet store to get dog food, they happened on a cat in a cage, with Jessica relating, “He was not moving. He was very depressed.”

Even some pets and scritches through the bars didn’t rouse the sad cat.

Then and there, Jessica knew Craig was meant to be part of their family, but her husband needed convincing. At first, he was a hard no, but Jessica describes herself as “persistent,” and she didn’t plan on giving up on the tuxedo cat who needed her.

Shortly after meeting Craig, Jessica discovered a Facebook video of a cat walking on a leash. No kidding, it was Craig in the video! Jessica excitedly showed her husband that this brilliant boy was the very same one she wanted to adopt. It didn’t take too much more to convince the hubs he was now a cat dad.

After spending eight and half months at the rescue, Craig had found his family.

Jessica suspects Craig waited so long for adoption because he’s an adult cat. She’s right. Adult cats are often overlooked at shelters as many families are looking for kittens. But the next time you’re ready to adopt a cat, consider adopting an adult cat or even a senior. The old kitties often go overlooked too, but adult and senior felines have just as much love to give as a kitten.

Could it be your Craig is waiting at your local shelter right now?

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Feature Image: @craig_the_cat/TikTok


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