Tabby Cat Waits Outside For Playtime With Kitty BFF Every Day

When the girl next door has long whiskers and beautiful calico fur, there’s no way you can resist falling in love. Just ask Ralph. He’s a fine tabby cat gentleman from the United Kingdom, and one of his neighbors has his kitty heart. Her name is Nala. She’s a lovely calico cat. And her feelings are mutual, making the pair the best of friends.

Every day, Ralph pads out from his home to call on his friend and waits patiently at the door until Nala’s mom, Reddit user franwalker26 invites him in or Nala comes out to play. The pair have become the best of friends. When the smitten cat mom shared a photo of Ralph arriving for his daily visit, social media fell in love with the tale of two feline friends.

Best Friends Furever

One fine day, two cats met in their neighborhood, and the connection between them was instant. It didn’t take long before Nala’s mom realized her sweet girl had a kitty cat best buddy. Soon, Ralph was at their door every day, asking to play with his best friend.

Knowing their relationship must be shared with the world, Nala’s mom took to Reddit, introducing Ralph and writing, “He comes to collect our cat for playtime every day and waits outside like this.”

And how could anyone say no to such a darling face!

Nala and her mom wait for him to appear every day, but when Ralph runs late, Nala comes out and looks around with concern. After all, ladies worry when their friends don’t move on regular schedules. But then, Ralph appears, and everything is alright.

Somedays, Ralph comes inside to hang out with Nala.

And then, he also gets some love from Nala’s mom too.

But don’t worry, when Ralph heads out from a playdate, it’s not to the streets he must go. This good tabby cat simply goes back to his home until it’s time to play with Nala again. Both kitties are spoiled and loved by their families! Nala’s mom did mention if Ralph didn’t already have a family who loved him, they’d adopt him in a hurry.

And no one needs to fret over Nala and Ralph’s relationship getting too friendly (if you know what we mean). Both kitties are fixed, so no little ones will result from the friendship. Plus, Ralph and Nala keep up on their vaccinations to ensure they can play safely without the worry of making each other ill.

It’s a wonderful thing when the neighbors all get along!

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Feature Image: u/franwalker26/Reddit

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