Reviving the Classics: The Timeless Appeal of the 1956 Ford Customline 2-Door Sedan

This 1956 Ford Customline two-door sedan comes in white with a black and tan interior and has undergone restoration in the past. It is powered by a 1960s 410ci FE V8 engine paired with a four-speed manual transmission and a 9″ rear end.

410-Powered 1956 Ford Customline 2-Door Sedan 4-Speed

The vehicle has seen several upgrades, including three two-barrel carburetors, an aluminum intake manifold, an aluminum radiator, power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering, front disc brakes, a Hurst shifter, a dual exhaust system, Dolphin gauges, and a vintage-look stereo. The current owner acquired the car in 2016 and, in preparation for the sale, had an oil change and replaced the fuel tank. The seller is now offering this modified Customline sedan on behalf of the owner, complete with restoration photos and a Maryland title.

410-Powered 1956 Ford Customline 2-Door Sedan 4-Speed

The two-door sedan originally rolled out of the factory in Platinum Gray (H) but underwent rust repair before receiving a new white finish around 2012. It comes equipped with chrome bumpers and trim, a driver-side mirror, dual exhaust outlets, and Ford Customline badging.

410-Powered 1956 Ford Customline 2-Door Sedan 4-Speed

The car features 15″ steel wheels that match its color and are fitted with chrome covers. These wheels are wrapped in Hankook Optimo H724 tires, with measurements of 205/75 in the front and 235/75 in the rear. Notably, it has been modified with power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering and front disc brakes.

410-Powered 1956 Ford Customline 2-Door Sedan 4-Speed

Inside the cabin, you’ll find front and rear bench seats that have been skillfully reupholstered in black vinyl. The door panels and carpeting also match this elegant black theme. The interior comes with a range of amenities, including tan-painted metal surfaces, tan lap belts for safety, a floor-mounted Hurst shifter, a locking glovebox, a heater/defroster to keep you comfortable, all-weather floor mats for added protection, a retro-style Ford-branded digital stereo for entertainment, and a trunk-mounted Jensen amplifier to enhance your audio experience.

410-Powered 1956 Ford Customline 2-Door Sedan 4-Speed

The three-spoke steering wheel features a horn ring and frames Dolphin instrumentation including a 140-mph speedometer and gauges for voltage, water temperature, fuel level, and oil pressure. An aftermarket tachometer is positioned on the dashboard. The digital odometer shows 3k miles, approximately 1k of which was added under current ownership. True chassis mileage is unknown.

410-Powered 1956 Ford Customline 2-Door Sedan 4-Speed

The 410ci FE V8 was reportedly sourced from a 1966–1967 Mercury and features a triple-two-barrel carburetor setup from a 1962–1963 406ci FE V8. Other equipment includes chrome valve covers with Police Interceptor identification as well as a PerTronix ignition coil, an aluminum intake manifold, and an aluminum radiator. An oil change was performed in preparation for the sale. The seller notes that the AN fittings are leaking on the power-steering lines and the hood springs are weak.

410-Powered 1956 Ford Customline 2-Door Sedan 4-Speed

A Toploader four-speed manual transmission routes power through a Ford 9″ rear end with a 3.55:1 gear ratio. The gas tank was replaced in preparation for the sale, and a dual exhaust system also has been installed.

410-Powered 1956 Ford Customline 2-Door Sedan 4-Speed

Refurbishment photos are provided in the gallery and included in the sale.

410-Powered 1956 Ford Customline 2-Door Sedan 4-Speed

The data plate indicates the following production information:

  • U – 272ci V8
  • 6 – 1956 model year
  • L – Long Beach, California assembly plant
  • G – Mainline/Customline
  • 111285 – Production sequence
  • 70B – Customline two-door sedan
  • H – Platinum Gray exterior finish
  • E – Dark Gray Vinyl and Light Gray Cloth upholstery
  • 19K-10B – Produced on October 19, 1955; scheduled item number

The Maryland title carries a “Not Actual Mileage” brand

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