Woman Drives 4 Hours To Save Dog From Being Euthanized ends up with 3 dogs In Her Car

It can be quite tough to keep pushing. Sometimes all it really takes is a little kindness and optimism to transform what seems impossible into a reality.

There’s this woman, from Virginia who has a love for pets. She particularly finds joy in helping those individuals who have no one to turn to or who have been abandoned by others.

Shelly Blount is truly passionate about dogs, which’s evident from the fact that she already has three rescue dogs living with her. One day while browsing the internet she came across an advertisement for a dog in need of a home. This led her to make the decision of expanding her family by one member.

She reached out to the shelter through a phone call after making up her mind about adopting the puppy she found online.

Originally Shellys intention was simply to buy the online and give him another chance at life in her home. Her genuine warmth and kindness are beyond question.

However something extraordinary happened when she arrived at the shelter. Of adopting one rescue dog as initially planned Shelly ended up adopting Bella, Caleb and Charisma.

Although Shelly hadn’t planned on saving all three dogs from their fate something transpired during her conversation, with the shelter staff that compelled her to step in and save lives.

She almost had to let go of the dog she tried saving when someone else claimed him first.

Despite not being able to accomplish her plan Shelly felt relieved that the puppy was ultimately saved because that was her desire.

The first dog she aimed to rescue was almost euthanized. Someone else arrived before her and took the dog. Although Shelly couldn’t fulfill her intention she found solace in knowing that the pups life was spared, which is what truly mattered to her.

Even though Shelly didn’t initially intend to save all three dogs something happened during her conversation, with the shelter that compelled her to step in and save puppies lives.

She faced a call with the dog she tried rescuing when someone else claimed it before her. Despite not being able to carry out her plan Shelly found happiness in knowing that the puppy was saved because it aligned with what she wanted.

Upon learning about a dog facing danger of being put down it deeply saddened Shelly.

Curious about the dogs background and current situation she strongly believes in giving animals opportunities at life due to her love for them. Naturally concerned, for the welfare of this dog she couldn’t. Worry.

After finishing her phone call Shelly wasted no time. Drove straight to the shelter. The journey took four hours.She arranged for the dogs adoption because she wanted to see Caleb.

Soon as Shelly caught sight of Caleb, a strong urge to protect him surged within her.. What happened next was even better. She discovered that two more dogs, Bella and Charisma were also scheduled to be put down. Seeing them filled her with sympathy.

When she inquired about any limits, on the number of dogs one person could adopt the staff assured her that there were no restrictions. Without hesitation she made up her mind to adopt all three pets.

This decision made Shellys choice meaningful as the dogs were elated to have found a new home.

Shelly described Caleb as “sooo excited.” He kept blowing kisses from the seat while his tail wagged vigorously. Bella sat contentedly in my friends lap, not moving all because she was so grateful, for being held.

My adorable little angel, Charisma practically held onto me the time.

She rescued three dogs from the shelter. Adopted them. She couldn’t keep all of them at her home. So she looked for lovers who were eager to provide a forever home, for these rescue puppies. Luckily Bella and Caleb found their loving families.

Charisma, who remained with her had something special planned for Shelly.

There was a reason why Charisma was always tired. After taking Shelly to the vet they discovered that she was pregnant. Shelly is overjoyed by this news. Ended up with puppies than she expected! Amazing!

This is such a story! We genuinely hope that more individuals, like Shelly come forward and contribute towards saving the lives of animals in need.

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