Tough TV Star Shows His Softer Side By Rescuing 3 Sickly Kittens

Is there anything sweeter than a big, strong Tough Guy who shows his mushy side by rescuing a sick kitten? How about the same burly softy adopting three sickly kittens in need?

That’s exactly what happened when Zane Lamprey, Travel host for NatGeo, Food Network and the Travel Channel, visited the local shelter with his wife, Melissa. They stumbled upon a tiny Seal Point kitten suffering from Feline Calicivirus and unable to eat. The couple instantly decided to bring her home and care for her.

They asked the staff for more information and learned that the kitty had two siblings who were also ill and malnourished. The Lampreys decided to bring all 3 littermates home with them, nurse them back to health, and find them new adoptive homes.

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Image Source: YouTube/ Zane Lamprey


The Lampreys only had one stipulation – In order to keep from getting too attached, they would not give the adorable Siamese kitties names. As you can see from the following video posted to Mr. Lamprey’s YouTube channel, that rule quickly went out the window!

Thanks to some powerful antibiotics, a steady supply of delicious kitten gruel, and tons of TLC from the Lampreys, the adorable siblings quickly began to recover. Within a week they were eating, snuggling, purring, and playing.

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Image Source: YouTube/ Zane Lamprey



At first they weren’t too sure about the Lamprey’s dog, Bodie.

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Image Source: YouTube/ Zane Lamprey


But soon enough they discovered that despite his imposing size and weird canine odor, he was actually pretty cool…

…And quite comfortable!

Wisely, Mr. and Mrs. Lamprey kept their older cats separate from the little patients, as Calicivirus can be quite contagious. Sorry Kitty, it’s for your own good!

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Image Source: YouTube/Zane Lamprey


This story has a wonderful happy ending and a valuable moral. In his video Zane implores fans and viewers to open their hearts and homes to animals in need.

Personally, I had never heard of Zane Lamprey before seeing this story, but from now on he has a forever fan in me! Check out new webisodes of  Zane’s World on YouTube every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

H/T to Love Meow

Featured Image via Instagram/Zane Lamprey

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