Woman Beautifully Commemorates 17-Year Companionship With Her Cat

The day after her beloved feline friend passed away, this cat owner recounted her memorable 17-year friendship with Spooky.

On her eighth birthday, this little girl’s dog was hit by a car, and tragically, he died. Two days later, when she heard meowing from the brush in her backyard, she went out to investigate. A cat was giving birth, and the girl and her mother made a makeshift bed from a dresser drawer to make the kitty more comfortable.

They eventually found the mama cat’s owner, who told them it was a miracle she had survived giving birth because she had a heart condition. Incredibly grateful, the owner let the eight-year-old pick a kitten to keep as her own. They were all adorable, but the girl eventually settled on the kitten who was most content as she held him in her hands. She named him Spooky, and he quickly became her best friend.

(All pictures posted on Imgur by user FlukeorFlate.)


The two were inseparable. Where the little girl went, Spooky followed, a habit that continued during their years together. Nestled in a drawer in his best friend’s clothes was a favorite spot.


Her bed was another…


especially with her in it…


…but only if she was snuggling with him.


On top of pillows was another favorite spot to nestle…


…so much so, that the girl (now woman) always kept an extra one on her bed, just for Spooky.


However, he was quite the pillow hog.


And almost all her hours at the computer were spent with her companion, snuggling into any nook he could fit his fluffy body into…


…or conveniently watching her from underneath the glass desk.


Spooky loved chairs. Namely, any one his best friend had just left.


So should got one that would fit the both of them.


He considered her meditation time an open invitation to curl up in her lap. And although her zen was interrupted, somehow she always ended up feeling relaxed afterward.


Spooky even performed some tricks…

High-five! And he was always rewarded for his efforts.


With his human-friend by his side, this cat lived the good life.


And when she moved across the country, he wanted nothing more than to come along.


For over a dozen Christmases, Spooky and his best friend shared holiday cheer…


And for 17 years, he loyally remained by her side, through trials, triumphs, growing pains, and life lessons.


From the moment he was born to the moment he left this Earth, Spooky was a faithful, loving, and cherished friend. His memory will live on, and he will surely be missed and loved forever.

Thanks to Imgur user FlukeorFate for sharing your heartfelt story and personal pictures. This post was adapted from her album, “A tribute to an amazing companion.”

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