Man Ordered Tacos From Drive-Through Window And Got A Cat Instead

A man was waiting at a drive-through at his favorite taco restaurant when suddenly a cat jumped inside his rolled-down window. Instead of his anticipated food order, he now had a kitty lying comfortably on his lap.

The feline invader climbed onto the man’s dashboard and looked at him with innocent eyes. The man couldn’t leave the kitty unattended near a busy road, so he took him to the vet to see if he was microchipped. The staff confirmed the cat wasn’t chipped and hadn’t been reported missing.

The man named the cat Jose and took him home. When he shared Jose’s story online, the man said, “People abandon pets all the time here. Considering the town I found him in has a very low per capita income, I wouldn’t be surprised if this cat was just abandoned.” The kind man continued to look for Jose’s owner with no success. He eagerly adopted Jose, and now the unwanted cat is in the perfect home thanks to a love for tacos and a compassionate heart.

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