Sweet Tuxedo Kitten Adopts Two Brothers, Then Entire Welding Shop

When Pippit the kitten found herself abandoned and alone in a lakeside parking lot, the little tuxedo felt that just wouldn’t do. So, she scanned the lot and spied two brothers returning from their usual lunchtime jog around the lake. Deciding they would be her new minions, Pippit turned on her best cute routine and peered out from beneath a car at the brothers.

And oh, how swiftly little Pippit’s plan worked, for soon she had Tucker Fisher and his brother under her kitten spell!

Tucker Fisher via LoveMeow

Claimed By a Kitten

Tucker and his brother spied sweet Pippit right away, and as Tucker told LoveMeow, “She was shy at first, but once my brother called her, she slowly made her way over to him.”

The brothers had no way of knowing Pippit had already claimed them from afar, but she made her decision known when she climbed up Tucker’s legs and held on tight. She wasn’t letting him go anywhere!

Tucker Fisher via LoveMeow

After checking the parking lot for Pippit’s mom or any other kittens, they loaded the little one into the car, where she promptly fell asleep in a comfy lap. And because she’s no slouch, Pippit insisted on going to work with her new family, and there she made herself at home.

“She came to the shop, drank some water, ate some food, crawled up my leg to the desk and fell asleep in my brother’s hat,” shared Tucker.

Charmed by the little cutie in the cap, the whole welding shop claimed her as their Emotional Support Kitty and graced her hat-bed with a Post-It proclaiming her title.

Tucker Fisher via LoveMeow

From that moment on, Pippit owned them all!

Hard-Working Kitten

Pippit isn’t a kitten who’s happy to be sitting at home, so she reports to work with Tucker every day. And her to-do list is never complete as there’s always feline business to be done.

“We bring her to our shop every day to hang around the office with us. She loves to get the zoomies and fly around on our desk, attack our pencils and markers when we are writing.”

Tucker Fisher via LoveMeow

Tucker Fisher via LoveMeow

Then, there are all the laps to rest in, the feet to wrestle with, and the snacks to be eaten. And when customers arrive, Pippit is there to greet them with meows and whiskery smiles.

“As soon as our door opens, she walks up to greet everyone that walks in. She is our official little mascot,” Tucker said.

Tucker Fisher via LoveMeow

But when customers arrive during nap time, don’t expect the princess to trouble herself. That’s what her human assistants are for!

Feature Image: Tucker Fisher via LoveMeow

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