Kindhearted Man Looks For Unwanted German Shepherd Puppy And Give Him A Second Chance

Some human animal relationships are truly remarkable going beyond the bonds of companionship. Scott and his German Shepherd named Biggie have a connection.

Their story demonstrates the bond that can form between a pet and its owner.

Scotts journey, with Biggie started on a day when he decided to take a drive through the farming community of Payette, Idaho.

A sign advertising “German Shepherd puppies” caught his attention.

Even though he hadn’t initially planned on getting another dog Scott was drawn to the idea of having a puppy after losing his own German Shepherd.

The moment Scott laid eyes on Biggie he was instantly captivated. Despite Biggie having some health issues, including a hernia he was one of the dogs available for adoption. However Scott overlooked these concerns.

He looked past all that. Fell in love with Biggie then and there deciding to bring him home that very day.

Scott shared with GeoBeats Animals “I want to give him the life “. Indeed Biggies life with Scott is filled with joy and adventure.

Biggies happy place is, in the mountains where they enjoy hiking, swimming, snowboarding and even skating together.

Biggie also loves running in fields.

You can clearly see Biggies excitement through his nature.

His happiness is so evident whether hes gleefully bounding through the snow while Scott goes snowboarding or freely running around during their hikes.

Biggie is also a listener, with his large ears attuned to the sounds around him and ready to follow Scotts commands.

Despite his size Biggie still has an youthful spirit, like a puppy at heart. According to Scott Biggie finds joy in playing with a ball, which he treats like a pacifier.

Reflecting on their relationship Scott believes that by giving your dog the life you can also have the best life possible. It’s a philosophy he strongly believes in.

Scott also credits Biggie for helping him overcome depression. “Having him motivates me to get there and experience things ” he explained.

However their bond faces challenges well. Taking care of Biggie requires commitment, including dedicating least two hours each day for exercise to manage his energy levels.

When Biggie fell ill with fluid in his lungs and had to be hospitalized it was a health scare for everyone involved. Thankfully after three days in the ICU Biggie made a recovery.

This incident served as a reminder to Scott about never taking anything for granted in life.

Their bond is truly exceptional. According to Scott long as he has Biggie, by his side he feels invincible and capable of achieving anythingBiggies story has come circle starting as a puppy who was unwanted and now blossoming into a cherished companion and beloved family member.

While not everyone may experience a bond as unique, as the one between Scott and Biggie welcoming a dog, into your life through adoption or nurturing is undoubtedly enriching.

Take a moment to watch the heartwarming video below that captures their captivating journey!

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