Tough Kitten Swaggers Into Pizza Shop And Adopts Chef As Her Dad

Since Ratbag the Vandal swaggered into Chef Dave’s Australian pizza kitchen, the fierce kitty and her dad have been best buds. It might have taken Grumpy Chef Dave a minute to realize a kitten had adopted him, but Ratbag knew they were meant for each other right away.

When she first crept under a gate and into the pizza shop, the little one wasn’t sure what to make of things. But spying Dave, Ratbag knew she’d found safety and settled onto his shoulder. There, a purr filled her throat as she rubbed against his ears in thanks.

Since she was friendly, Dave worried the kitten had wandered away from home, but Ratbag knew the truth. She found her family the instant she perched on Dave.

Ratbag Owns the Place

Dave tried to coax Ratbag from the shop so he could follow her home. She refused, insisting she was already there. And when he checked with neighbors, no one knew Ratbag. So, Dave decided to find her a home via the internet, but Ratbag declined the idea by curling up and taking a nap. That’s when Dave knew he’d been adopted by a kitten.

 “She has decided she is staying, and who could argue with that little face,” Dave told LoveMeow.

Recalling the night they met, Ratbag shared on Instagram, “I was doing a lot of talking & he wasn’t understanding me, eventually he listened and provided water, chicken & milk.”

And once Dave realized he’d become a minion, he explained, “Now she is employed full time on our newly created finger chewing and cuteness team.”

But who is this cat dad kidding? We know the truth; Ratbag the Vandal is the boss of all she sees!

From her pillow fort and obstacle course to Dave’s bed, it’s all for Ratbag. But she’s a benevolent ruler, with Dave explaining, “Sometimes she even lets me sleep on my pillows.”

How kind!

Ratbag has adapted well to her role as commander of the house and loves her dad so much, but sometimes she has to remind him who’s in charge. When Dave dared pay attention to the computer and not her, Ratbag took to her Instagram page and expressed the woes of finding good help.

“What is point in having a human lackey if he doesn’t focus on the important things.”

Overall, Ratbag finds Chef Dave to be the best cad ever! And he’s pretty smitten with her, too, describing his fierce calico girl as “the staunchest, toughest kitten on the block.”

Keep up with Ratbag the Vandal and her story on Instagram.

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