Siblings Of The Heart, Two Kittens Cuddle Their Way Into Forever Home

Kittens are the most snuggly little bugs to be found. And never can a cat lover turn away from a baby kitty who wants to hug. And with kittens Cinnamon and Cardamom, you’ll never be lacking in loving embraces. These two darlings not only love to hug each other, but everyone they meet too!

Though Cinnamon and Cardamom weren’t born of the same litter, they’re siblings of the heart who were destined to be together. And the cat lovers at Oakland Animal Services recognized the bond between them after they arrived at the shelter about the same time. And upon introduction, Cinnamon and Cardamom indeed fell in love with each other, sealing their bond with sweet hugs.

Different Litter, Same Heart

Ginger kitten Cinnamon arrived at Oakland Animal Services after being found outdoors and, as Love Meow described, “spinning in circles.” He suffered from a phenomenon called head-tilt, which is usually a symptom of something ill at work with a cat’s vestibular system. But lucky for Cinnamon, torbie Cardamom was there to help her new brother get strong and steady. Pairing lots of sibling hugs and snuggles with stretching and massages from shelter workers, Cinnamon’s head tilt began to straighten up.

To prepare Cinnamon and Cardamom for a forever home, OAS reached out to Saving Grace Rescue in San Francisco, California, to help the kittens find a foster home where they could grow and get ready for forever together.

Foster Care Cuddles

Once happily nestled in the arms of their foster family, the sweet pair turned on the charm with purrs, hugs, and some grooming to their foster dad’s beard. Falling asleep on his chest was just the beginning of all the cuddling to come for the kittens’ foster family.

As foster mom Joyce shared with Love Meow, “If you are sitting down or lying down, they’ll come up either on your tummy or sit next to you so they can be with you.”

“Whenever you pick them up, they are purring. I find them on my chest every morning purring away.”

And the kittens love to help with the daily duties of the house. Sweet Cinnamon enjoys perching on his foster dad’s shoulder to assist with work calls, while Cardamom keeps their foster mom company, keeping watch over things from her shoulders!

When the kittens aren’t helping their foster parents, Cinnamon enjoys napping with Brandon, his 14-year-old doggie foster brother. Cardamom makes sure resident kitty Kanga gets cuddles too. All this cuddle practice had Cinnamon and Cardamom ready for their forever home in no time.

A Little Time Leads to Forever

Amber, the founder of Saving Grace Rescue, told Love Meow, “They are strongly bonded and will be adopted together.”

As for Cinnamon’s head tilt, Amber said it’s “almost completely resolved.”

“The healing is incredible. Kittens like Cinnamon just need time.”

Thanks to that time and the help of cat lovers, Cinnamon and Cardamom have been adopted into a loving home together. There, the BFFs can spread their love and hugs in forever happiness!

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