Kitten With Four Ears Is So Purrfect, She Has A Heart On Her Tummy

Kitten Midas made her Instagram debut a mere handful of weeks ago, and the social world fell in love with this cutie right away. How could they not? She’s the most precious little gray kitten who loves her family. And not only is she adorable, but Midas also has a quirk that makes her stand out. She has four ears!

Her main set of ears stand up tall, but the second set looks like a pair of tiny kitten ears that forgot to grow along with the rest of the four-month-old Russian Blue mix. And, not only is she blessed with her four ears, but Midas also has a white patch on her belly that looks like a heart. See? Instagram fans didn’t stand a chance where Midas is concerned!

Silver Kitten Is Solid Gold Cute

Midas and her six siblings were born to a stray cat mom in the back garden of a home in Turkey. The backyard belonged to a friend of Canis Dosemeci, and once Canis set eyes on little Midas and her extra ears, she knew this unique kitten was meant to be part of her family and in the way she had always hoped.

“We have never thought of buying a cat, we just wanted to rescue a cat from the street, and we wanted to adopt her,” Canis explained to Reuters.

After her rescue, Midas visited the vet for a checkup and an opinion about her marvelous ears. As she was born with the extra set, the vet determined their growth resulted from a genetic mutation and had no effect on her hearing. Midas also has a recessed jaw, which gives her the cutest little blep. Otherwise, she’s a healthy kitten! Canis and the vet will keep a sharp eye for anything amiss.

But it wasn’t just her four ears that made the little kitten so special. This sweet kitten has so much love to share with her new family, she wears a white fur patch shaped like a heart on her tummy.

Not just cute, Canis told the Daily Mail, Midas also proved to be “a very playful cat.” Midas’s favorite toys? Her mom’s yarn.

“She loves to play with yarns, (we have loads of them because of my business), she steals them and hides them somewhere we could never find.”

That’s kitten mischievousness at its finest!

Midas’ playful and loving nature has endeared her to her parents and her dog siblings. Both pups are already wrapped around Midas’ tiny paw, with both twelve-year-old Suzy and 14-year-old Zenyo happy to be the baby’s Golden Retriever cuddle buddies. But, as Canis shared, Midas enjoys the nightlife, so it’s pretty easy to assume those sweet pups aren’t getting much sleep! They really are the best furry sibs a kitten could ever want.

Instagram Has Heard All About This Girl

Instagram loves a cute cat, so it’s no surprise Midas caught the attention of the social world pretty much right away. With an account just scraping a month old, Midas already has more than 75k followers! Follow Midas_x24 on Instagram and keep up with a cute kitten as she grows into her ears.

Feature Image: @midas_x24/Instagram

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