Runt Of The Litter Holds Her Stuffed Lamb Through Her Entire Recovery

Wrenn Rescues in California welcomed a litter of kittens requiring medical aid. Among them was Matilda Beans, the smallest and weakest, suffering from an upper respiratory infection. Further examination revealed she was fighting a severe case of pneumonia. Despite a grim initial outlook from veterinarians, Matilda clung to life, showing a remarkable will to survive. Her caretaker, Ashley, dedicated herself to providing extensive care, including oxygen and nebulizer treatments, alongside medication and supportive care. Matilda expressed her gratitude by seeking belly rubs, displaying her affection and trust.

During her recovery, Matilda spent much of her time in an incubator to aid her healing, which led to her feeling isolated. To alleviate her loneliness, Ashley introduced soft toys for comfort, among which Matilda formed a special bond with a plush lamb she came to know as ‘Lamby Beans.’ This toy became her constant companion from about three weeks old, offering her comfort and a sense of security as she grew stronger.

Matilda’s attachment to Lamby Beans became a cornerstone of her recovery. She would often be seen cuddling and grooming the toy as if it were her own offspring. Even after being introduced to a playpen and other foster kittens, Matilda ensured Lamby Beans was never far from sight.

Transforming into a lively and adventurous kitten, Matilda’s playful and spirited nature emerged, always ready for action. Yet, she continued to find solace and rest in the company of Lamby Beans, her trusted companion. Having reached a healthy weight of two pounds, Matilda is well on her path to a bright future.

Now far removed from her fragile beginnings, Matilda Beans has grown into a vibrant, healthy cat. Her beloved Lamby Beans is still by her side.

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